About Bjorn Schraa (CHRIBB)

Hi, nice to have you here!

My name is Bjorn Schraa. I am a User Experience Research (UXR) and Design Thinking enthusiast!

By increasing my knowledge and insights with the help of (self)study, I am making the transition to the world of UX.

UX has many specialisms/directions and User Experience Research has my main interest. To be able to do this kind of research well, the Design Thinking philosophy and insights into Interaction Design are of great value. In addition, knowledge of psychology in the field of User Experience is certainly a big plus.

Because I have studied physiotherapy in the past, I already have certain knowledge and insights that relate to doing research and psychology. By studying at the Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) I was able to further increase the specific knowledge for this area of work.

The world of UX is always evolving, which is why continuously keeping up with these developments and deepening knowledge is a must. For this I am a member of the Interaction Design Foundation, an online design school that has been around since 2002 and I read many books/ articles/blogs that are UX/UXR related.

Through my public studentlink at the IxDF, you can find more information about the knowledge I have been able to gain so far.

The process of designing from start to finish and all the steps that have to be taken to finally achieve a well-thought-out UX for an end product (device, mobile app, software, etc.) appeals to me enormously and as mentioned before User Experience Research has my biggest interest!

Why does this appeal to me so much?

The way of thinking and working that is applied in User Experience Research and Design Thinking is very recognizable to me. This can be traced back to my background in physiotherapy. The way in which a physiotherapist approaches people empathically, conducts interviews and conducts research to devise a specific treatment for the client, has strong similarities with UXR and everything surrounding it. There are different stages when doing research, with the biggest difference being the end goal. Instead of coming up with a specific treatment for a client, with UXR you try to get a better picture for solutions to design problems within an app for instance (this is the short explanation).

Research is fun because...

I like to find out things, for example what users experience when they use a certain app. In addition, it is also very interesting to find out the how, what and why. The question/challenge of what could be improved is also something that interests me and that I would like to investigate. Doing user research to create a well thought outUX plays an increasingly important and growing role!

Personal characteristics that probably fit well with my great interest in UXR:

  • Genuinely interested in people
  • Communicative
  • Investigating
  • Analytical
  • Solution-oriented.

Working together with people who want to make beautiful things is what gives me a lot of energy!

I am open to new challenges and can be hired to add value in creating great user experiences.

Because of the pandemic, the changes this has brought about in the way we work and because technology makes it possible, I have set up my way of working in such a way that I can work remotely efficiently!

You can contact me via LinkedIn or bjorn.schraa@live.nl

Thanks for your time and best regards,


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