About Bjorn Schraa

Hi, glad you’re here!

My name is Bjorn Schraa. I am a User Experience Research and Design Thinking enthusiast! 

Currently I'm a freelancer and transitioning to UX Research and Design Thinking in order to create well-thought-out user experiences.

Because development never stops in the world of UX, continuous updating of trends and further deepening of knowledge is a must. For this, I am amongst others a member of the Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF).

The design process from start to finish and all the steps that need to be taken to achieve a well-thought-out UX for an end product (device, mobile app, software, etc.) really appeal to me.

User Research has my greatest interest!

The way of thinking and working that is applied in User Research & Design Thinking is very recognizable to me. This can be traced back to my background in physiotherapy. The way in which a physiotherapist approaches people empathically, conducts interviews and conducts research to devise a specific treatment for the client, has strong similarities with User Research & Design Thinking. After all, with this way of working you also go through various stages to arrive at a unique user experience that leaves a lasting positive impression that the user would like to return to.

Some characteristics that suit me? Genuinely interested in people, inquisitive, analytical and solution-oriented. Working with people who want to make beautiful things is what gives me a lot of energy.

I am open to new challenges and can be hired to be an added value in creating great user experiences.

Because of the pandemic, the changes this has brought about in the way we work and because technology makes it possible, I have set up my way of working so that I can work remote efficiently!

You can contact me via Linkedin of via bjorn@chribb.com

Thanks for taking time to read this 'chapter' and best regards,


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