UX Research Methods

How do you go about doing UX Research

The world of UX is large with many disciplines, UX Research is a specialism within UX. It is concerned with finding answers to design issues of new ideas to be designed or redesigns of already existing products (apps, software, websites, e-commerce sites etc.)

UX Research is far from standard in the Netherlands. However, companies are increasingly seeing the usefulness of UX Research to apply and therefore get a better ROI (Return of Investment). Building an app, software, website, e-commerce site based on feeling is no longer sufficient and can cost a lot of money rather than yield. That is why doing research, or UX Research, is an increasingly important way to achieve success with the investment that you make as a company for your online presence.

UX Research consists of different methods that can be applied. Several methods are combined to gain certain insights. On this page I will highlight various methods that contribute to a better formation of insights and in which a better ROI will ultimately be achieved.

UX Research is part of the design process, it is both at the beginning of an idea, but is also applied during the entire design/development process.

Research Plan

In order to be able to do research, you also need to have a plan of action. Drawing up a Research Plan helps to maintain structure and also to determine which research methods (can) be used in a project.

User Interviews

Conducting user interviews is intended to gain empathy with and insight into, among other things, what users want, search for and use. So that the formation of certain ideas is better substantiated by the collected insights.

Cultural Probes

At the end of August, beginning of September, I will elaborate on what Cultural Probes are and why they are used. Other research methods will then also be further elaborated.

You can visit this page at the end of august beginning of september